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Why Safety Showers are a must in Australian workplaces

15 Feb 2024
Safety showers and eyewash

What is the purpose of Safety Showers and Eyewash stations?

Safety showers and eyewash are designed to deliver immediate and effective decontamination to protect personnel after exposure to chemicals or irritants. These devices can be standalone shower or eyewash stations or a combined unit. They should be placed near any potential hazards in a well lit, easy to access area.


In workplaces where employees face exposure to hazardous chemicals or particles like dust, sand, welding slag, or glass, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment. This assessment should take into account potential injury types to identify effective risk management strategies.


Contact between chemicals and the eyes or skin can result in severe damage to individuals within a matter of seconds. Emergency safety showers and eyewash stations play a critical role in facilitating prompt and effective decontamination following exposure to hazardous substances.


Emergency showers and eyewash units from Spill Crew are tailored for diverse industries and applications. This product line covers combination showers featuring eyewash or eye/face wash, deluge showers, eyewash stations, eye/face wash stations, and portable, gravity-fed units.

Safety showers and eyewash


What are the main industries that need safety showers?

In Australia, safety showers and eyewash stations are designated for use in manufacturing, oil and gas operations, mining, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and construction sites. These industries all handle various substances that have the potential to cause severe injury to workers. Having a dedicated safety shower or eyewash station on a worksite goes a long way to reducing the likelihood of personnel injuries in these industries.


What is the Australian Standard for safety showers?

Australian Standards are published documents that are designed to provide guidance to help ensure products, services, and systems are safe, consistent, and reliable. Australian Standard AS4775:2007 – Emergency eyewash equipment is the standard that outlines the requirements of using shower and eyewash equipment in the Australian workplace.


This Standard specifies minimum performance and use requirements such as correct installation, minimum water flow rates and supply pressure, for the treatment of the eyes or body of a person who has been exposed to materials which may cause serious injuries.


It is important employers give sufficient training and education to their employees on how to use safety showers and eye was stations.


Why our Safety Showers and Eyewash units stand out.

Premium 316 stainless steel

Manufactured to endure the challenging environmental conditions of Australia, Spill Crew shower and eyewash units are constructed from top-quality marine-grade 316 stainless steel. This choice enhances corrosion resistance and durability, surpassing the performance of 304 stainless steel commonly found in rival products.


High quality craftsmanship

Constructed with superior craftsmanship, the OptiStream spray heads are engineered to provide a gentle, low-velocity stream that effectively flushes contaminants from the eyes and face. These spray heads are equipped with easily maintainable filters, flow regulators, and self-opening covers, ensuring the protection of flushing fluid from airborne contaminants.


Compliance with Australian Standards

There are several requirements to make sure safety showers and eye/face wash equipment complies with the Australian Standard AS 4775. Spill Crew emergency shower and eyewash range not are only fully compliant with the standard but are independently tested for compliance by a NATA accredited laboratory.


In stock Australia wide

The entire Spill Crew range of safety showers and eyewash is in stock nationally and is available now from Global Spill & Safety. Call us on 1300 774 557 or email us at to request a quote or find out more about our range.

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