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Spill response training

We offer customers and users of our products four different spill training options.

Identification and safe response to minor oil and chemical spills within the workshop, factory, plant or external work area using correct procedures, equipment and conventions is essential for both small and large businesses alike.

Our first option is a cleverly designed DVD which allows you, the customer, to control and conduct your own spill response training.

Our second option is a toolbox-type spill  response training session conducted by one of our experienced team members. Your personnel will be introduced to the equipment purchased by your company, in most cases, spill kits.

The third option is a basic introduction to oil and chemical spills, conducted by one of our training officers. This training session examines the different types of spills and helps to classify whether they are hazardous.

The fourth option, our premier spill responder training course, ‘The Control, Containment and Clean Up of Oil Spills on Land and Coastal Waters’ is conducted by one of our senior trainers. This course embodies a broad range of principles involved in dealing with oil spills on land and inland waters (ports, marinas, lakes, ponds, rivers, shorelines), and outlines the preparatory actions required by those involved in the daily storage, handling and distribution of oil and fuel products.

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