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Oil & fuel absorbent marine booms

Oil absorbent marine booms are used to control, contain and clean up oil and fuel spills on waterways including bays, harbours, dams, rivers, ponds and drains.

The booms are ideal for protecting shorelines, riverbanks and jetties from oil contamination from boats, ships, rigs, barges or dredges as well as spillage from excavators and earthmoving machinery working near water.

These larger oil absorbent marine booms can also be used on land. With their tough outer mesh sleeve and excellent ability to join and stay linked, they are a heavy duty option for spill control and containment of oily contaminated water from workshops and wash pads as well as stormwater protection at oil and fuel storage and handling facilities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When selecting the size of your marine boom, bear in mind that the larger the boom, the greater the volume of oil it will absorb and hold. When it comes to retrieving the full boom, you will be handling both the boom itself along with the oil it has absorbed. On a six metre boom, this could be anything up to an extra 120 litres, together with the initial weight of the boom. It may be more practical to use two three metre booms instead, and retrieve individually.

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