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General purpose floor absorbents

General purpose floorsweep and ground absorbents  are also commonly known as kitty litter and will absorb all non-aggressive liquids. However, unlike traditional kitty litter our range of floorsweeps and absorbents has been made from a variety of organic and inorganic mineral absorbents.

When considering the most suitable floorsweep solution, it’s important to take into account the absorbent type which best suits your spilled liquid, and to consider the likely surface which the spill will reach. Some types of floorsweeps leave dusty residue whilst others are very clean and ideal for areas such as polished floors.

It’s also important to understand the disposal options available to you.

If you require any advice or help on choosing a suitable floorsweep or ground absorbent, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team or call 1300 SPILLS (774 557).

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