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Spill kits - lab and healthcare

Lab and healthcare spill kits have been designed specifically for the healthcare industry and for any liquids that may be commonly spilled in laboratories or medical facilities.

Such spills in the healthcare industry include (among other liquids) biohazard spills, body fluids, cytotoxic spills or mercury spills.

Healthcare spill kits are usually smaller than industrial spill kits due to their specific nature.

Common laboratory spills may include hydrofluoric acid or mercury which often require specialised spill response. Many other chemicals in a lab environment can be safely cleaned up with a regular hazchem spill kit, however it is always recommended to check the Safety Data Sheet.

If you require a spill kit for a liquid not listed on our site, please contact our team to discuss your requirements and build a custom-made spill kit to suit your unique needs.

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