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Reusable respirator kits

Each Moldex respirator kit contains a half mask respirator, corresponding cartridges, filters and accessories, hygienic wipes and a pair of foam earplugs. They are supplied in a labelled compact and convenient container, ready to go.

The Moldex range includes four different types of respirator kits which can be supplied with either a 7000 series or 7800 series (premium silicone) half-face mask. Each respirator kit has been developed to suit the different applications which the respirator will be used for.

The current range includes:

Paint spray and pesticides – A1P2
Multi-gas/vapour – A1B1E1K1
Fine dust particulate and asbestos (non-friable) – P2/P3
Welding particulate and nuisance OV – P2/P3

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