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Spill trailers

Emergency spill response trailers are customised to suit your application, location and environment.

Choose from our range of standard spill trailers or have our experienced team customise a trailer for your specific requirements.

Global Spill Control has been manufacturing spill response trailers for nearly 30 years. The models available today reflect the design changes and quality improvements that have occurred over the many years of continual improvement.

Consequently, Global Spill Control is recognised as a world leader in the manufacture of spill response trailers. Some of our customers include:

– Petroleum company in Iraq – 1x tandem axle 8×5
– Gold mine in Ghana – 1x tandem axle 8×5
– Refinery in Venezuela – 10x single axle 7×5
– Refinery in Pakistan – 3x tandem axle 8×5
– Airport in the Dominican Republic – 1x tandem axle 8×5
– Iron ore mine in Pilbara region, Western Australia – 1x tandem axle 8×5
– Gorgon LNG Project on Barrow Island, Western Australia – 1x tandem axle 8×5
– Wheatstone LNG Project in Onslow, Western Australia – 1x tandem axle 8×5
– Pluto LNG Project in Dampier, Western Australia – 1x tandem axle 8×5

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