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Corrosive substances safety cabinets

Corrosive safety cabinets are manufactured specifically for the safe and secure storage of Class 8 corrosive substances. Class 8 corrosives are substances that can cause severe damage to human tissue, metals, and other materials upon contact. These include acids, bases, and other highly reactive chemicals.

Corrosive safety cabinets are essential for securely storing Class 8 chemicals, preventing leaks, spills, and dangerous reactions. They protect personnel from accidental exposure and injuries, ensure compliance with Australian Standards, allow separation from other classed chemicals and maintain a safe and controlled work environment. These cabinets are vital for the safety of workers, the facility, and the environment.

Our range of Australian made corrosive substance storage cabinets feature safety standards in line with Australian standards. This includes being made from heavy duty steel, a double wall construction with 40mm thermal barrier, self closing doors, vent ports and flash arrestors, adjustable shelving, danger and warning signage and an in-built containment sump.

Due to the corrosive nature of Class 8 substances all of our corrosive safety cabinets include poly trays to sit on each shelf.

Our range of metal corrosive substances cabinets are manufactured in Australia to comply with AS3780-2023 – The storage and handling of corrosive substances.  As these are Australian made we are able to keep large inventory levels of our corrosive storage cabinets Australia wide.

Choose from a range of sizes for your different storage volume requirements. Our standard range of corrosive cabinets start at 30L through to 350L to suit different requirements.  If you require a size or shape not listed, please contact a member of our team to discuss – we can easily accommodate custom designs.

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