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Absorbent booms, pads, pillows and rolls are an effective and cost-efficient way to manage accidental spills, leaks and drips that regularly occur. Quickly managing the spill prevents oil, fuel and chemicals from polluting soils and waterways. These absorbents are the perfect solution for any workplace that is involved in transporting, storing or using liquids of any nature.

Absorbents are colour-coded according to spill type as their absorbency nature varies. White absorbent booms, pads, rolls and pillows are ideal for oil and fuel spills only as they have been designed to repel water and only absorb the hydrocarbon. Grey absorbent pads, rolls, booms and pillows are universal and are generally ideal for all spill types including coolant, paint, oils and fuels, mild acids and bases, along with water-based chemicals. Pink coloured absorbents are suitable for chemical spill control, or spills of an unknown liquid. The polypropylene is highly inert and will not react with most harsh chemicals.

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