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Mercury spill kit – 10L pail

In Tag: Part Number: SCKMERC3

This mercury spill kit includes MercAmal amalgamation powder and is designed for hospitals, labs, schools, workshops, warehouses, factories, chemical plants – ideal small amounts of mercury.

This mercury spill kit is designed for hospitals, laboratories, schools, workshops, warehouses, factories, chemical plants – wherever a small amount of mercury is stored, handled and potentially spilled.


Mercury facts:

Elemental mercury is a heavy silvery-white metal which is liquid at normal temperatures. Mercury will vaporise at normal room temperature. This in turn creates a risk of mercury exposure through inhalation. The risk increases as the temperature increases. This is one of the key reasons it’s important to clean up this type of spill immediately.


This spill kit contains MercAmal mercury amalgamation powder that when mixed with water, converts elemental (metallic) mercury into a stable, solid zinc amalgam and prevents the release of hazardous  vapours.


  • Instructions on how to clean up a mercury spill are included.
  • This spill kit also contains safety gear such as gloves, goggles and boot covers to keep personnel safe.
  • Spill kit includes label and mercury spill kit operating instructions.
  • This spill kit with MercAmal is supplied in a 10 litre white pail with snap-on lid.
  • MercAmal mercury amalgamation powder is available for separate purchase in a 500g shaker bottle



Spill kits are available in an extensive range of sizes and types to ensure a fit for purpose spill kit is on hand to help minimise risk and meet environmental obligations. View our full range of laboratory & healthcare spill kits.

Qty Description
1 MercAmal mercury amalgamation powder 500g
3 Contaminated waste disposal bags
1 Dustpan and brush
3 Goggles – clear and unvented
3 Ziplock disposal bag
3 Medium pair of nitrile gloves
3 Large pair of nitrile gloves
6 Boot covers – pair
1 Spill area barrier tape tape – roll
3 Popstick spatula
3 Plastic cup
3 Scourer
3 Scoop and scraper
1 Spill kit operating instructions



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