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Gas Cages – The safest option for storing gas cylinders

21 Feb 2024
Gas Cages

Gas cages play an important role in reducing the risk of accidents and harm to personnel from the improper storage of gas cylinders and bottles in the workplace. Gas cages provide safe and secure for gas cylinders by providing heavy duty projectile protection and natural ventilation of flammable gas in accordance with Australian Standards.


What are the dangers gas cylinders / bottles can pose in the workplace

If a gas cylinder or bottle were to topple during storage, there is a risk of it getting punctured or the valve snapping. Consequently, this instability may result in the cylinder becoming airborne due to the release of gas. As LPG gas is a Class 2 flammable substance improper storage can also significantly increase the possibility of a workplace fire.


Potential hazards include:

  • A malfunction or damage to a valve or regulator could result in a gas leak.
  • The heating of a cylinder due to sources like fire or impact to the pressure vessel may lead to a rupture, causing a rapid and extensive discharge of gas along with airborne fragments.
  • In cases of an uncontrolled release of flammable gases, there is an increased risk of fire or explosion.
  • For uncontrolled releases of toxic gases, there is a significant risk of exposure, putting workers and other individuals in danger of toxic inhalation.
  • Gases with low boiling points, pose thermal hazards that can result in frostbite upon skin contact. Additionally, oxidising gases like oxygen carry the added risk of intensifying fire hazards by increasing the likelihood of ignition and enhancing fire intensity.

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Gas Cages


What is the Australian standard for the storage of LPG

The Australian Standard that outlines the safety requirments for handling and storing gas is AS4332-2004 “The storage and handling of gases in cylinders”.

Standards are documents outlining specifications, procedures, and guidelines to guarantee the safety, consistency, and reliability of products, services, and systems. They include a range of topics, such as consumer products, environmental concerns, construction, energy, water utilities, and beyond.

In order to stay ahead of emerging technologies, technical committees at Standards Australia routinely review these standards.


How should gas cylinders be stored?

Gas cylinders should be stored upright in dedicated gas cages. This mitigates any risk of gas cylinders becoming damaged or mishandled.

Cages should include open area perforations to facilitate natural ventilation. This helps disperse any leaked gases, preventing the buildup of potentially hazardous concentrations in the air.

Natural ventilation in accordance with Australian Standards not only ensures the dispersion of gases but also prevents the accumulation of dangerous flammable gases. Proper airflow reduces the risk of gas concentrations reaching levels that could lead to fire or explosion.

Gas cylinders should be stored within a sturdy steel structure, such as a purpose-built storage cage or rack. This reduces the risk of accidents or mishandling. They should also be kept away from any ignition or heat sources. Maintaining a proper separation between gas cylinders and ignition sources reduces the risk of accidental fires or explosions.


Global Spill and Safety’s range of gas cages

Here at Global Spill and Safety we have a wide range of Australian made gas cages. As they are Australian made, you don’t need to worry about port delays or expensive shipping costs.


Our features:

  • Australian made to meet the requirements of AS4332-2004.
  • Purpose-built for storing P-size BBQ LPG bottles, T-size forklift LPG bottles and G-size high-pressure gas cylinders.
  • Heavy duty power-coated steel construction with two-coat protective finish for outdoor use.
  • Steel roof and floor with high open area perforations to deliver natural ventilation in accordance with Australian standards.
  • Doors fitted with magnetic latch and padlock lugs for added security.
  • Larger cages have forklift tyne pockets for easy maneuverability.

Our gas cages are in stock Australia wide. Click here to view our range. 

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