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How a spill control station helps with spill kit harmonisation

06 Jan 2021
Spill station - 3x spill kits

A spill control station plays an important role in the spill kit harmonisation program.

A spill kit harmonisation programme is the process of carefully selecting and ensuring all spill kits across a single or multiple site are:

  • – qualified for the role they play in protecting the environment (fit for purpose)
  • – of a standard type and colour
  • – fully stocked and audited regularly
  • – recognised and understood by team members via spill training sessions

Many sites use a random selection of spill kits and brands which vary in what they are called, their quality, along with the kit’s contents (absorbents, PPE, the liquids they absorb, colour of bags, colour of absorbents).

In turn, responders become confused and lack the knowledge and confidence to deal with a spill in case they misuse equipment. This risk can result in a larger environmental incident or even cause harm to the response team themselves.

A spill kit harmonisation program ensures all kits are fit for purpose and that all responders possess the skills and understanding to contain, control and clean up a spill quickly and efficiently.

On larger sites, a spill control station is used to highlight the location of available spill kits in the area – bright wheelie bins, together with large format signage and provisions for additional spill clean up tools make a spill station the ideal solution for any site.

Spill stations can be configured to suit the types of liquids held on the premises, and are designed to meet the volume of a potential spill. This measure keeps staff, equipment and the environment safe in the event of a spill.

For more information on our spill kit harmonisation programme, or to learn more about spill stations, please contact our friendly team.


Did you know?

  • All Global Spill & Safety spill kits are manufactured in Australia
  • We are the only Australian manufacturer of absorbent polypropylene
  • Our spill kits are colour-coded to suit the type of liquid that has been spilled and are brightly coloured to ensure no confusion with waste bins
  • Spill kits are available as both wheelie bin kits or as handy grab bags

Spill station with yard spill

Spill station - individual bins

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