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Lithium-ion batteries – The 6 potential dangers

08 Mar 2024

Lithium battery charging stations are used to safely store and charge lithium-ion batteries in the workplace. Charging and storing lithium-ion batteries without proper safety measures, such as a lithium battery charging stations, can pose several risks. Not having a lithium charging station puts you in risk of overheating, fire hazards, possible chemical leaks, environmental impact, reduces battery charge and most critically, could create a thermal runaway.


There have been an increased amount of injuries and fatalities around the improper care of lithium-ion batteries. It is crucial people understand the risk and dangers of the improper handling of lithium-ion batteries. We highlight6 potential dangers in further detail below.

Lithium battery charging stations

1. Thermal Runaway:

Lithium-ion batteries can experience thermal runaway, a chain reaction of heat generation leading to a rapid increase in temperature. This can result in the release of flammable electrolytes and gases, leading to fires or explosions.


2.  Overheating:

Lithium-ion batteries can generate heat during the charging process. Without proper ventilation and cooling systems, the batteries may overheat, leading to thermal spike and uncontrollable increase in temperature that can result in fires or explosions.




3. Fire Hazard:

Following up on overheating batteries, without the required fire-resistant materials and containment measures, a malfunctioning lithium-ion battery can catch fire. This poses a massive risk to other equipment or materials around the environment or warehouses. Lithium battery fires are hard to put out. Consequently, the fire is more likely to increase in temperature and spread.


4. Chemical leaks:

Without proper containment, a damaged or faulty battery may leak electrolytes, leading to potential chemical exposure and damage to surrounding materials. Lithium-ion batteries contain electrolytes, which are chemical substances that can be hazardous if leaked.


5. Reduced Battery Lifespan:

Continuous exposure to high temperatures, overcharging, or deep discharging can significantly reduce the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries. This can result in decreased performance and increased likelihood of failure. Lithium batteries are not cheap; hence it is important to take care of your batteries by using appropriate storage battery cabinets.


6. Environmental Impact:

Improper use of lithium-ion batteries, especially damaged or malfunctioning ones, can have environmental consequences. They may release toxic chemicals into the environment if not handled and recycled appropriately. Leading to potential harm to people and other materials in the workforce.


To mitigate any potential risks, it is crucial to follow safety guidelines and regulations related to the storage and handling of lithium-ion batteries. This includes using dedicated lithium battery charging stations, implementing proper ventilation systems, and regularly inspecting and maintaining battery installations. Additionally, having proper training on how to handle lithium batteries is important for the safety of the workplace.


Lithium battery charging stations


Here at Global Spill, we offer lithium battery charging stations to safely store and charge lithium-ion batteries in the workplace.  You can choose between  the 8 or 18 charging outlet cabinets and comes with an in-built containment sump. Our product is Australian made and features the following:


  • 8-18 charging points (dependent on which cabinet)
  • Fitted with two exhaust fans
  • Shelves to store charging outlets
  • Double wall construction with 40mm thermal barrier
  • Self-closing doors fitted with adjustable hydraulic door closure
  • Flush mount handle with key lock
  • Internal spill containment bund with suspended perforated floor
  • Durable powder coated finish for added protection
  • Grounding connector to enable earthing if required
  • Adjustable screw-in feet allow the cabinet to be elevated to minimise corrosion or for leveling on uneven surfaces.
  • All danger and warning signage is provided including a Class 9 lithium battery warning diamond


It is important to keep your workplace and environment safe. These Australian made charging cabinets meet the Australian workplace standard guidelines and excel in performance and durability.


For more information about our Lithium battery charging stations, Click here to find out more!

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