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Battery charging, storage and transport

We manufacture a wide range of solutions for the safe storage and transport of batteries in the workplace. This includes lithium battery charging cabinets and transport cages for lead acid batteries.

Our lithium battery charging cabinets feature either 18 or 8 charging points to safely charge batteries in the workplace and reduce the risks associated with lithium fires.When the temperature of  lithium-ion batteries gets too high it increases the risk of battery electrolyte leakage or combustion.

This is why it is crucial to keep them in a cool dry area such as a storage cabinet. Our charging cabinets are fitted with two fans to draw in cool air and extract hot air cooling the temperature of the batteries, making the cabinets suitable for the hot Australian environment.

Our battery transport units are suitable to safely transport lead acid batteries and reduce the risks associated with corrosive battery acid. explore the range below to find out more.

All the products in this range are designed and made in Australia.

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