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Battery transport unit

In Part Number: SCSR-BTU

This battery transport unit is designed to hold a full pallet of used batteries for safe and secure storage and transportation.

Weight 294 kg
Dimensions 132 × 134 × 102.3 cm
Typical absorption capacity

145 litres

This battery transport unit has been manufactured in conjunction with one of Australia’s largest integrated waste management and industrial service companies to safely and securely transport lead acid batteries over large distances on some of the Australia’s most inhospitable roads.


  • This battery transport unit is manufactured from heavy duty zinc anneal steel and features an internal polyethylene (LLDPE) liner and sump
  • The battery storage unit features a two coat protective finish for outdoor use – epoxy undercoat with UV-stabilised polyester topcoat (grey)
  • A built in 145 litre polyethylene spill bund captures any battery acid leaks and drips
  • The bund platform is fitted with removable polypropylene grates to enable easy access to the sump for cleaning
  • The sump liner and bund materials deliver excellent corrosion resistance against spilled battery acid
  • The bund inside this battery transport cage has been Type Load tested to 2000kg by NATA accredited engineers (a dynamic compression test certificate is available if required)
  • The battery storage unit is forklift-friendly from all four sides and can be vertically stacked for shipping if required
  • Unit is fitted with a 270 degree opening door with ISO locking bar and padlock lug (padlock not supplied)
  • The battery cage features an internal storage area of up to 640mm high (batteries stored directly on the bund ) or up to 500mm high (batteries already stacked on a standard wooden pallet)
  • The storage unit is pre-fitted with a Transport Emergency Information Panel with Class 8 Corrosive diamond, in accordance with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code 2018 Edition 7.6


Australian MadeĀ 

Description Code External Dimensions
(D x W X H)
Internal Dimensions
(D x W X H)
Sump capacity Shipping weight
Battery transport unit SCSR-BTU 134cm x 132cm x 102.3cm 120cm x 121cm x 64.5cm 145L 294kg



Our team can fabricate from many materials including mild steel, stainless steel, poly, PVC and a large range of coated fabrics.


Made in Australia

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