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The importance of safe lithium battery charging in the workplace

07 Dec 2023
Lithium battery charging cabinet

In the article we will discuss the importance of safe lithium battery charging in the workplace. Lithium batteries are present in numerous items that might be utilized, stored, or charged within a workplace or an area supervised by an organization. These batteries are commonly employed in various equipment, such as: handheld power tools, light electric vehicles or electric forklifts.


The dangers associated with lithium battery charging

The primary hazard associated with lithium-ion batteries arises from the breakdown of internal components at higher temperatures, leading to the potential for the battery to overheat and ignite. Lithium battery fires are often hard to extinguish and can emit toxic smoke which can be harmful to personnel.


According to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, lithium-ion batteries fall under the category of dangerous goods. Numerous documented cases of lithium-ion battery fires in Australia have resulted in significant damage to both vehicles and workplaces.  This is why it is crucial to keep them in a cool dry area such as a storage cabinet.



Can you store lithium batteries in a cabinet?

Due to the dangerous nature of lithium battery related fires, the safest option is to store and charge batteries in a dedicated lithium battery storage cabinet. These cabinets feature numerous safety features such as cooling fans and thick heavy duty thermal barrier walls to protect from the danger of fires.



Australian Made lithium battery charging cabinets

Our lithium battery charging cabinets are fitted with two fans to draw in cool air and extract hot air cooling the temperature of the batteries, making the cabinets suitable for the hot Australian environment.  They also feature an internal containment sump to capture any battery electrolyte leaks.


Additional Safety features for lithium battery charging included is a double wall construction with 40mm thermal barrier for added protection in the event of a workplace fire, self-closing doors fitted with adjustable hydraulic door closure and a lockable door for added security.


Please click here to view more on our lithium-ion charging cabinets and request a quote.


To learn more about the lithium battery safety please follow this link to safe work Victoria.

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