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How to use emergency shower and eyewash stations

29 Feb 2024
Emergency shower and eyewash stations


Emergency showers and eyewash stations should be an important considerations for businesses when conducting their WHS plans, especially when they use and handle dangerous chemicals.  If dangerous chemicals come into contact with skin it can cause serious injuries or even death in extreme circumstances.


What is the purpose of emergency shower and eyewash stations?

Emergency shower and eyewash stations serve the critical function of providing immediate first aid in the event of accidental exposure to chemicals or other harmful materials. These stations can either be a standalone deluge shower, a standalone eyewash station or a combination unit comprising of the two.

An emergency shower is designed to provide a large deluge of water to drench the user within seconds. When activated by a pull lever or push plate, the shower releases a continuous flow of water at a controlled pressure. This rapid drenching helps to quickly rinse off any chemicals or contaminants that may be on the skin or clothing of the person affected.

An eyewash station is specifically designed to flush the eyes with a gentle, low velocity stream of water. It typically consists of two spray heads positioned at eye level. When activated, either by a push plate or foot treadle, the eyewash station releases a steady flow of water to rinse the eyes. This helps to quickly remove any foreign particles, chemicals, or irritants that may have come into contact with the eyes.


How to use emergency shower and eyewash stations?

The operating instructions for the emergency shower, eyewash, eye/face wash and combination units should be readily accessible to maintenance and inspection personnel. Employees who may be exposed to hazardous materials should be trained in the location and proper use of the equipment.


How to use – deluge showers: 

  • Pull downwards on the shower activation pull rod. This will initiate flow to the shower head.
  • Stand underneath the shower head to ensure the flushing fluid washes over the entire body.
  • To stop the flow, gently push the pull rod upwards to the closed position.

How to use – eyewash and eye/face wash station:

  • To initiate flow, push the spray head activation push plate forwards to the fully open position.
  • With the push plate in the fully open position, flushing streams from both nozzles should rise to approximately
    equal heights.
  • Position face over the spray heads, close enough to ensure the flushing fluid washes both eyes simultaneously.
  • To stop the flow, gently pull back the activation push plate to the closed position.
  • For units fitted with a foot treadle, the flow can also be initiated by pushing down on the foot treadle.
  • To stop the flow, gently pull back the activation push plate with your hand to the closed position. This will also
    re-set the foot treadle position.


Spill Crew emergency shower and eyewash stations

At Global Spill & Safety we stock a complete range of the Spill Crew emergency shower and eyewash stations. This range includes combinations showers with eye/face wash, combination showers with eyewash, deluge showers, standalone eyewash units, standalone eye/face wash units and portable gravity fed eyewash units.

This range is made from 316 stainless steel which is a premium option when compared to other products in the market which use 304 stainless steel. Our range is manufactured to not only meet the requirements of Australian standards but is independently tested for compliance in a NATA accredited lab.

Constructed with superior craftsmanship, the OptiStream spray heads are engineered to provide a gentle, low-velocity stream that effectively flushes contaminants from the eyes and face. These spray heads are equipped with easily maintainable filters, flow regulators, and self-opening covers, ensuring the protection of flushing fluid from airborne contaminants.

To view the entire range please click here: 


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