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Do I need a flammable liquids safety cabinet? Summer fire risk awareness

12 Feb 2016
Flammable safety cabinets
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As the summer heats up, so do your flammable liquids

Here’s a timely warning from our health and safety guys as the temperatures climb to record-breaking highs, increasing the risk of ignition from the vapour and liquids of flammable goods.


The incorrect storage and handling of flammable liquids AND flammable contaminated waste remains a leading cause of industrial fires. Safety chemical storage cabinets substantially reduce this fire risk and help to protect your people, stock and property.


Safety  storage cabinets help you comply with certain Australian Standards such as AS1940-2004: The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids, along with other Worksafe Codes of Practice.


So, besides keeping your staff, property and inventory protected and safe, why else should you invest in a safety cabinet? Here are a few good reasons:

  1. A safety cabinet helps you comply with Federal and State regulations and Codes of Practice.
  2. A safety cabinet keeps dangerous liquids safely segregated and organised.
  3. A safety cabinet buys you some extra time for safe evacuation in the event of a fire.
  4. A safety cabinet allows you to keep your dangerous liquids under lock and key.
  5. A safety cabinet delivers an efficient and neat storage area that can be located close to work areas.
  6. Safety cabinets are highly visible and are made from strong steel, which protects from impact and mitigates any liquid spills as a consequence.


In addition to flammable liquids cabinets, safety cabinets are available for a range of different dangerous goods. Industry convention uses certain colours to define the cabinet type:


  • Flammable substances – YELLOW
  • Corrosive substances – BLUE
  • Toxic substances – WHITE/GREY
  • Pesticides – GREEN (or white with additional signage)
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Until 18 March 2016, we are including a bonus spill kit (valued at $95) with the following safety storage cabinets:



Place your order today and avoid putting your business at risk this summer.

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