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Disposable coverall – Lakeland SafeGard GP Type 5/6 entry level – white

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Lakeland’s SafeGard GP white disposable coverall features SMS protection from hazardous dust and liquid aerosol. This Type 5/6 general purpose coverall delivers a high level of comfort, together with promoting air permeability.

Lakeland’s SafeGard GP white disposable coverall features SMS protection from hazardous dust and liquid aerosol. This Type 5/6 disposable coverall has a high level of comfort together with promoting air permeability.


  • Effective protection against hazardous dry particles and light liquid sprays
  • This Lakeland SafeGard GP disposable coverall is manufactured from 55gsm SMS fabric, providing a highly breathable suit
  • The air permeability of this coverall is 10 times higher than other materials such as flash-spun polyethylene and microporous film laminate, resulting in much higher comfort levels
  • Air permeability reduces the ‘bellows effect’ (the tendency to create suction of air and dust particles in the seam holes, cuffs, ankles and zip)
  • Super-B style design – this coverall has been developed for a superior fit, wearability and durability
  • A crotch gusset is included to reduce incidence of burst crotch and improve durability
  • Features stitched (or serged) seams*
  • All Lakeland coveralls are suitable for asbestos handling and removal
  • This disposable coverall is also available in blue and orange


Typical applications include:

  • Asbestos handling and removal
  • “Dry” applications in fibreglass manufacturing
  • Boatbuilding
  • Windblade or similar manufacturing environments
  • Wood and plastic processing
  • Insulation handling and removal
  • General manufacturing and maintenance
  • Low level / low hazard sprays



Which garment to use:

Light Spray

Hazardous dust
Liquid Spray
Jet Spray

Gas or Vapour
TYPE 1&2

Light spray/aerosol protection Dry particle protection General overall spray:
no pressure but coverall soaked
Strong jet sprays –
higher pressure
Surrounding gases or vapours


Lakeland coverall - strenuous work

Physical factors such as strenuous work?
The physical demands of a task such as climbing ladders, crawling or working in confined spaces, especially if the chemical is highly toxic,  may require higher strength fabric or a specific design, even though permeation analysis and/or the hazard spray type indicate a lighter/more comfortable garment.

Lakeland liquid or gas safety

Liquid or gas?
Liquid would normally suggest a Type 3 or 4 hazard. However, some chemicals have low boiling points, becoming vapour at low temperatures. In such cases a gas-tight suit might be appropriate. Such information can be obtained from Safety Data Sheets.


Type 3 vs Type 4 –  the different spray tests

EN 14605 – Type 3: ‘jet’ sprays EN14605 – Type 4: ‘liquid’ sprays

  • Strong, directional jets of liquid spray
  • Results in intense, local pressure on fabric, seams and joins
  • Back-spray will penetrate under, up or behind any loose flaps or joins
  • In finished garment spray test, single jets of liquid are sprayed at ‘potential’ weak areas of suit (seams, crotch, zip flap ect.)
  • Wider, less pressurised liquid sprays
  • Results in saturation of fabric (so sealed seams required) but no pressure on garment, seams or joins
  • No risk of back-spray penetrating under, up or behind loose flaps or joins
  • In finished garment spray test, four nozzles with general overspray of liquid


By identifying that your application is Type 4 only (rather than Type 3), this enables more options for garment design and choice, along with a greater level of comfort.


*About stitched (or serged) seams
This is an economical seam for general applications. Whilst providing mechanical strength, it is not used for hazardous chemical protection. Serged seams are generally used on garments for light splash and dry particle protection.

  • 55gsm SMS fabric
  • Fabric air-permeability
  • Super-B ergonomic style pattern
  • Inset sleeves have been included in this coverall
  • Torso has been shaped to body
  • A two piece crotch gusset
  • Traditional white colour
  • Suitable for asbestos handling and removal

Lakeland coverall sizing guide

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