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Canflex is a major manufacturer of high-frequency welded products made with special high-strength coated fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and kevlar. All products are collapsible and can be folded for easy storage and transportation. All tanks can be used to transport or store a wide variety of liquids including, but not limited to, potable water, oil, jet fuel, diesel fuel, waste water, sewage, oil spill and ballast water. Canflex can also create custom products made from coated fabrics and complete systems including off-load pumps and power packs.

Sea Slug Docked 200px

Canflex Sea Slugs


These ocean towable bladders are used for oil spill recovery and bulk liquid storage. They are primarily used on water but can also be used for liquid storage on land. Special material coatings are available for these bladders to be used in many environments, such as for the storage and transport of drinking water, fuels or waste products. The bladders are very rugged units with a cylindrical main body and matching conical ends, giving them great towing characteristics. The Sea Slug is equipped with rectangular shaped flotation panels on each side. The rectangular shape of our floats dampen any attempt by the bladder to roll from side to side while under tow or in seaway. Sizes range from 5 to 250 m3

Framed open top tank 200px

Canflex open-top reservoirs – frame-style tanks


These tanks are used for storage of oil, potable water, sewage, and other liquids. Available accessories include ground sheet, carry/storage bag, replaceable inner liner, top cover, and repair kit. The frame style tanks are a quick and easy-to-assemble structure made of anodized aluminium 6061-T6. Capacities range from 5 to 190 m3

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