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Expandi is one of the pioneers of oil spill world, inventing and developing the self-inflatable oil boom early in the 1970s. Now more than 800,000m are in service around the world. Today, Expandi is a growing and developing organisation with production facilities and engineering capacities in Sweden and Spain and sales and service worldwide. Expandi provide a wide range of high quality oil spill response equipment. Together with our partners we offer innovative solutions within all significant areas of oil pollution control. Expandi continues to design and engineer new products to improve effectiveness and response to both large and small spill incidents.

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Expandi Self-Inflatable Oil Boom

The Expandi self-inflatable oil boom is the most rapid, compact and easy-to-handle oil boom system available. It is always ready for immediate deployment. In packed condition it requires very little space. With no need for power pack, air compressor or other auxiliary equipment for effective deployment, this system guarantees reliable performance. Expandi is the most popular oil boom system in the world. With an oil spill or pollution problem at hand, the first few minutes following the accident are vital to secure rapid containment and control. That’s why the compact, lightweight Expandi self-inflatable oil boom has been proven the most effective. The short response time gives substantial money savings. By keeping spills from hitting the shore, one eliminates the excessive cost of inshore clean up.

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The Expandi self-inflatable oil boom has outsold any other single oil boom type with more than 800,000 metres in service worldwide today. The boom is self-inflating and expands the moment it is released. The boom has internally bound pliable frames which are pre-sprung with stainless steel springs. A patch of thick urethane rubber is placed outside each frame corner for increased durability. The sections are divided into air-tight compartments, 1.5-2 m long or more depending on the model. Each air compartment contains airtight bladders – “air-traps” – for reserve buoyancy in case of damage. This makes the EXPANDI boom virtually unsinkable.

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