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Degreasers and cleaners

The Global Green range of industrial degreasers and cleaning products has been made in Australia for Australian conditions since 1995. Developed by industry experts, each Global Green product has been specifically designed to deliver outstanding degreasing and cleaning performance across all industries and applications.

As a locally-made product, Global Green’s cost-effective price point remains unaffected by currency fluctuations. Coupled with an uninterrupted supply and delivery program, you can be assured Global Green will meet your time, cost and quality expectations every time.

All Global Green degreasers and cleaners are powerful products which safely penetrate and lift oils, grease and fats and can easily replace hazardous cleaners from your workplace. They are non-flammable, and non-toxic, as well as phosphate-free, which helps prevent the build-up of blue green algae in waste water.

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