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Spill kits - oil and fuel outdoor

Our oil and fuel outdoor spill kits are ideal for unsealed areas around mine sites, drilling rigs, truck stops. All absorbents and other components are designed for the outdoors and harsh conditions.

Outdoor spill response kits include Global peat – a hydrophobic (water-repelling) absorbent that is ideal for uneven ground or areas around water.

Oil and fuel spill kits use absorbents which soak up hydrocarbon-based liquids whilst repelling water.

In the defense against spills in the workplace, spill response kits are an ideal mobile unit and can be taken rapidly to the spill.

Oil and fuel spill kits are available in weatherproof wheeled containers or high visibility spill response grab bags that can be taken virtually anywhere.

Oil and fuel poly absorbents are colour-coded white for easy identification.

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