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Day and night bunting flags


Reflective day and night bunting flags are used to warn personnel of potential hazards or to prevent access to unauthorised areas during the day, night and low light to dark environments.

Day and night reflective bunting flags are an ideal, quick deployment solution to cordon off areas, to warn of hazards or to prevent unauthorised access. The high visibility bunting with reflective tabs delivers an effective barrier during the day, at night or in dark or low light environments.


This bunting is very quick and easy to deploy and is ideal for event management, traffic control, spill response or any other scenario where access to certain areas may be temporarily limited.


The bunting flags are coloured high-vis orange with reflective yellow reflective tabs positioned in between each. The bunting flags and tabs are attached together with high strength nylon rope.


Flag bunting is also ideal for use in emergency response situations due to its rapid deployment.

  • High vis orange bunting flags
  • Yellow reflective tabs for night time visibility
  • Lightweight flags yet sturdy and highly durable
  • Quick to deploy in any situation
  • Flag size: 18cm x 25cm
  • White nylon rope
  • 45 reflective yellow tabs per 30 metre roll
  • 45 high-vis orange flags per 30 metre roll


Custom text on bunting is also available upon request. Feel free to speak to our friendly team for more information.


Regular orange, blue or green bunting is also available in 30m rolls – view our range.

Description Size Code
Day and night reflective bunting Flag size: 17cm x 25cm
45 flags per 30m roll

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