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Document storage pouch – pre start documents

In / Tag: Part Number: SCDHPVCR-PS

This clear, PVC safety document pouch is suitable to safely store pre-start documents.

Dimensions 35 × 28.5 cm

This clear, PVC safety document pouch is suitable to safely store pre-start documents. These safety document pouches feature:


  • Heavy duty PVC material for durability
  • Highly visible red colour to locate quickly and easily in emergency situations.
  • Clear PVC front window with the text PRE-START DOCUMENTS for easy identification.
  • Three metal enforced eyelets for secure mounting options.
  • Velcro seal with double sided velcro stripes.
  • Two velcro stripes of the back of document pouch.
  • Ideal for worksites, caravans, boats, trailers and vehicles for storing important documents, licences or even personal effects.
  • Document storage pouch enablesĀ fast and easy access to documents in one location.


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Use a safety document storage pouch for A4 items such as:


  • Safety data sheets
  • Transport documents
  • Instruction manuals
  • Technical data sheets
  • Records and logs
  • Maps
  • Operating instructions
  • Need to know information
  • Emergency plans and procedures


Did you know…?

The Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 (WA) require manufacturers and suppliers to determine whether a chemical they supply is hazardous. If the chemical is classified as hazardous, then a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) must be supplied which is then readily accessible to users of the chemical. This access should be as close to the work area as reasonably practicable.

A SDS must be written in English, must contain certain information and must be less than five years old. SDS should not be confused with a product specification sheet, which provides information on characteristics of the product and directions for use.

An SDS holder keeps these important documents secure and readily available to users whilst protecting them from moisture, dirt etc.


Description Dimensions Code
Safety document storage pouch – Clear blank 28.5cm x 35cm SCDHPVCR-PS


  • Manufactured from high-visibility red and clear PVC
  • Three metal enforced eyelets
  • Two velcro stripes on back

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