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Drum funnel


This drum funnel is made from yellow high density polyethylene (HDPE) enables users to drain filters and containers directly into a drum.

This drum funnel is used to safely decant liquids directly into a drum, minimising the risk of any drips or spills.  The 100% polyethylene construction provides excellent durability whilst being resistant to oil, fuel and a range of chemicals


  • 100% polyethylene construction
  • 100mm internal walls enable passive draining of paint cans, oil filters and other containers
  • 435mm diameter mouth prevents the risk of drips, spills or splashes
  • Designed to securely fit a standard 205 litre drum and 1000L IBCs
  • Spout outer dimensions: 50mm diameter
  • Scalloped shaped grooves allow for quick and efficient draining
  • A funnel lid is sold separately to prevent any ingress of water, dirt or dust. Lid can be secured with a padlock
  • Australian Made


Description  Dimensions  Code
Drum funnel 435mm diameter SCMH-DF205


  • Contains raised ridges
  • Versatile and innovatively designed
  • Enables passive draining of paint cans, filters and other containers
  • Tough durable construction
  • 100% heavy duty polyethylene construction

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