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Emergency double-sided sign – emergency shower


This double sided emergency information sign features the text EMERGENCY SHOWER in large, bold letters followed by a picto and further instructions.

Emergency information signs are designed to indicate the location of, or direction to, an emergency facility. This emergency shower sign features the text emergency shower in large bold letters above a large pictogram, followed by the words “in case of chemical splash wash for 15 minutes prior to medical treatment”.   Emergency information signs feature white letters (and icons/pictograms) on a green rectangular background. All Global Spill Control emergency information signs are manufactured to the requirements of Australian Standards – AS1319-1994.

This emergency shower sign is available in poly as standard.

Ensure you select the correct emergency information sign size to suit your site requirements: Safety sign size guide

Emergency information signs are manufactured according to AS1319-1994.

Double-sided off-wall signs available in:

  • Poly

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