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Fire double-sided sign – hose reel

In / Part Number: SSF-DSHR225P

This double sided fire sign features the text HOSE REEL in large, bold letters below a large pictogram.

Fire signs are used to indicate the location of fire alarms and fire-fighting facilities. This hose reel wall sign features the text hose reel in large, bold letters below a large pictogram. This sign is made up of two sides plus a third section that is mounted to the wall. All Global Spill Control fire signs are manufactured to the requirements of Australian Standards – AS1319-1994. This hose reel wall sign is manufactured from poly.


Ensure you select the correct fire sign size to suit your site requirements:

Safety sign size guide

Fire signs are manufactured according to AS1319-1994.

Signs available in the following materials:

  • Poly

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