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Flammable liquids safety cabinet – 850L


Store 850 litres of flammable substances in this large Class 3 flammable liquids safety cabinet. The cabinet can be used to store four 205 litre drums or up to 850 litres of smaller containers.

Weight 375 kg
Dimensions 259 × 81 × 1885 cm
Typical absorption capacity

850 litres

Safely store up to 850 litres of flammable liquids in this large Class 3 flammable liquid safety cabinet. This indoor cabinet can be used to store up to four 205 litre drums or up to 850 litres of smaller containers.


Flammable safety cabinet features:

  • Store up to 850L of flammable liquids safely and securely.
  • Isolate flammable liquids within a cabinet to prevent ignition.
  • Promote good house-keeping practices by storing all flammable liquids together and away from non-compatible products.
  • This flammable liquid safety cabinet has been designed for indoor use.
  • Double wall construction with 40mm thermal barrier.
  • Cabinet includes vent ports with integral flash arrestors fitted on each side.
  • Two adjustable shelves plus fixed base shelf.
  • Storage is above the sump not in it – features an integral spill containment sump with drain and suspended perforated floor.
  • UV-stabilised powder coat finish for high durability and finish.
  • Two self closing doors with adjustable hydraulic door closure.
  • Adjustable levelling feet for stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Flush mount handle and key lock.
  • Built-in grounding connector on outside panel for easy grounding if required.
  • Flammable liquids safety cabinet includes clear, descriptive safety and warning signage applied in accordance with Australian Standards.
  • Manufactured in Australia to comply with AS1940-2017 – The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids.


Made in Australia


Class 3 – flammable liquids (AS1940-2017)
Liquids, mixtures of liquids or liquids containing solids in solution or suspension (e.g. paints, varnishes, lacquers etc. but not including substances otherwise classified on account of their dangerous characteristics) which give off a flammable vapour at temperatures of not more than 60.5 degrees Celsius (closed cup test) or not more than 65.5 degrees Celsius (open cup test), normally referred to as the flash point.


Safety storage cabinets for dangerous goods are important for keeping your workplace safe. Our range of chemical safety cabinets, flammable storage cabinets, flammable safety cabinets, toxic / poison storage cabinets, pesticide safety cabinets and gas cylinder cages are the ideal storage devices for your workplace.

Code Description Dimensions (W x D x h) Capacity Doors Shelves
SCIRF850 Flammable liquids safety cabinet 2590mm x 810mm x 1885mm 850 litres 2 3 inc. base


  • Yellow colour
  • Two doors
  • Two shelves plus one base
  • Integral vents with flash arrestors
  • Integral spill containment sump
  • Durable powder-coat finish
  • Appropriate warnings and safety signage, prominently located
  • Earth grounding point


Made in Australia

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