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High pressure gas cylinder cage – 18x bottles – full/empty sections

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Safely store up to eighteen (18x) G/G2 full or empty high pressure gas cylinders in this gas bottle storage cage.

Dimensions 95.5 × 150 × 186.5 cm

Safely store up to nine (9x) full G/G2 or up to nine (9x) empty G/G2 high pressure gas bottles in this gas cylinder storage cage.


This type of cage is divided into two equal halves, with one side labelled FULL CYLINDERS and the other labelled EMPTY CYLINDERS.


  • This Spill Crew heavy duty gas cylinder storage cage features a zinc anneal steel construction.
  • Two coat protective finish for outdoor use – epoxy powder undercoat with UV stabilised polyester powder topcoat (blue).
  • Suitable for storing up to eighteen (18x) G / G2 high pressure gas cylinders in total (260mm diameter G or G2 size).
  • High open area perforated side panels provide natural ventilation in accordance with Australian standards.
  • Solid steel roof and floor.
  • Doors are fitted with a magnetic latch and can be locked using the padlock lug (padlock not supplied).
  • Forklift tyne channels underneath allow the cage (whilst empty) to be moved easily by forklift.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes allow the cage to be permanently fixed for added stability and security.
  • High pressure gas cage is fitted with cylinder chain restraints.


Use the dropdown menu above to select either the flammable or non-flammable option. These full/empty gas cages are supplied labelled either:

  • Flammable gas: signs include a DANGER NO SMOKING NO IGNITION SOURCES sign and a FLAMMABLE GAS 2 dangerous goods diamond.
  • Non-flammable gas: signs include a NON-FLAMMABLE NON-TOXIC GAS 2 sign and an OXIDISING GAS 2 dangerous goods diamond.)


Due to its size and volume, each version of this cage is labelled with a RESTRICTED AREA AUTHORISED PERSONNEL ONLY sign.


High pressure gas bottle storage cage complies with the requirements of AS4332-2004 – The storage and handling of gases in cylinders.


Full/empty high pressure gas cages are also manufactured in other sizes upon request. Contact us for more information.


Australian Made and Owned


About our dangerous goods stores

All our dangerous goods stores (gas and aerosol cages, indoor safety cabinets and outdoor dangerous goods stores) are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia and have been developed to comply with their relevant Australian Standard.

Together with delivering superior quality and function, this also allows us to create custom-made DG stores quickly, efficiently and economically. If there’s something specific you need and can’t find it in our standard range, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Description Dimensions W x D x H Capacity Code
Gas cylinder storage cage – 18x ‘G’ high pressure bottles (flammable) 1500mm x 955mm x 1865mm 18x ‘G’ high pressure cylinders (full or empty) SCGR18G-FEF
Gas cylinder storage cage – 18x ‘G’ high pressure bottles (non-flammable) 1500mm x 955mm x 1865mm 18x ‘G’ high pressure cylinders (full or empty) SCGR18G-FEN


Australian made

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