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Safety cones – non reflective lime green


Use these high visibility safety cones to isolate areas from unauthorised access or direct traffic away from compromised sites.

Use lime green traffic cones to isolate areas from unauthorised access or direct traffic away from restricted sites.


Safety on spill sites is essential for spill responders everywhere. These non reflective lime green traffic cones are a useful addition to any spill kit or spill response trailer.


  • High visibility lime green witches hat-style safety cones
  • Cones are manufactured from flexible PVC.
  • Robust construction to suit harsh Australian climate
  • Use cones as a lightweight barrier solution
  • Traffic cones designed to manage movement through thoroughfares or restricted areas.
  • Cones are suitable for a variety of applications including managing traffic conditions, crowd control, restricted area management etc.
  • Safety cones are ideal to carry in spill kits or for spill responders to use at spill sites.
  • Bright fluorescent lime green colour is easily recognised – safety cones warn people of potential hazards.
  • Large safety cone dimensions: 700mm high with a large, stable 360mm square base.

Reflective safety / traffic cones come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. To view the full range available from Global Spill & Safety please click here: 

Traffic cones can be used alone or with other site safety equipment such as a safety cone bar or a retractable cone top barrier.

Description Dimensions Code
Safety (traffic) cone 700mm high 360mm x 360mm x 700mm STC700NR-LG


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