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Drip tray – medium 52L

In Part Number: SCTRAYM

Medium sized drip tray catches leaks, drips and spills from machinery, equipment or drums.


Weight 3.2000 kg
Dimensions 91 × 71 × 10 cm
Typical absorption capacity

52 litres

This 52L medium drip tray is ideal to catch leaks, drips and spills from a large variety of small drums and containers. Great to store messy parts.


The spill tray features encapsulated data plates which provide:

  • instructions for the operator
  • load-bearing capacities
  • tray volume, and
  • materials of construction.

These plates cannot peel off as they are moulded into the tray.


Drip and spill tray are:

  • Great for mechanical repair shops and maintenance workshops.
  • Ideal storage unit for batteries awaiting collection.
  • Tough heavy duty durable polyethylene construction.
  • Easily cleaned, no messy sump to decant from.
  • Use under pallet racking or storage shelves to capture leaks and drips.


This medium drip tray has been designed and manufactured in Australia, specifically for our tough Australian conditions.

Made from 100% polyethylene, this drip tray provides superior corrosion resistance from a wide range of chemicals, oils and fuels.



Why use a spill or drip tray?

  • Protect workers and the environment from incidental spills, leaks and drips by safely storing and handling drums, containers, tanks, machinery and equipment in the workplace
  • These spill trays capture liquids so slips and falls do not occur as a result of a slippery surface.
  • The environment is protected from soil contamination and the trays prevent spilled liquids entering stormwater and drainage systems, thus protecting the broader environment from contamination.


View our full range of drip trays providing a large variety of spill prevention and solutions.


Australian made and owned

Description Dimensions Code
Drip tray – medium 52L 910mm x 710mm x 100mm (external)

800mm x 600mm x 100mm (internal)


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