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Multi message sign – no right turn


This multi-message sign features the red prohibition annulus and slash over a right turning arrow, all on a C1 white retroreflective background. Select your option from the drop down menu above.

Multi-message signs are used for traffic management in temporary roadwork conditions. Where applicable, their designs are based upon guidelines issued by state road authorities in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. This no right turn sign features the no right turn symbol as a red and black pictogram on a white reflective background.


Multi-message signs are manufactured from fluted material in a variety of sizes as outlined by the state guidelines. Multi-message signs are usually Class 1 retroreflective and used for temporary roadwork or traffic management scenarios. They are divided into a variety of sub-categories such as Advanced Warning, Speed and Regulatory, Road Conditions, Lanes and Positions, Diversion and Detours, Events and Activities, Pedestrian and Cyclist, or Termination and End signs. Temporary multi-message signs feature either text or symbolic pictograms, or in some instances, a combination of both.


Multi-message signs are usually manufactured in three main sizes – 600mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 600mm or 1200mm x 300mm. These sizes are designed to fit neatly within the multi-message frame and can be interchanged to suit the application. Queensland multi-message signs may also be produced from aluminium on request.



Bipod legs for this no right turn sign are available separately – choose from a rounded tube style, a square bar style or folding bipod legs for easy storage. Specially designed 3kg sandbag weights are also available to keep your multi-message signs firmly in place.

Australian made multi-message signs are manufactured as Class 1 retroreflective. If there is a design you can’t find within our catalogue, please contact our friendly team to discuss the multi-message sign you require.

Multi-message signs are designed and manufactured in Australia.

  • Class 1 retroreflective
  • Bipod legs are available in three styles – round bar, square bar and folding.
  • Sandbag weight bags designed specifically for temporary road signs are also available.

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