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Pipe marker – bore water

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Use this bore water marker to quickly identify a pipe’s contents. Pipe marker features green background with a green outward directional chevron arrow on each side and features white centered text.

Use this bore water water pipe marker to quickly identify a pipe’s contents. This marker features a green background with a green outward directional chevron arrow on each side. It also features white centered text BORE WATER.


Different base colours have been selected to assist in identifying the application category of each pipe marker. This has been designed for operations and maintenance workers and crews responding to maintenance works or emergency calls and situations.


  • This bore water¬† water pipe marker is manufactured from UV-stabilised self-adhesive vinyl which allows them to be used in indoor or outdoor environments.
  • The green colour-coding of this pipe marker indicates that a water-related substance flows within the pipe.


Our standard range of pipe markers are manufactured to meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS1345-1995 Identification of the contents of pipes, conduits and ducts.


A large variety of pipe markers are available for various substances and applications. See below to view the full range:


  • Electrical pipe markers, colour coded orange- click here:
  • Steam pipe markers, colour coded silver/grey- click here:
  • Other liquids pipe markers, colour coded brown- click here:
  • Gases pipe markers, colour coded yellow (ochre) – click here:
  • Fire services pipe markers, colour coded violet – click here:
  • Oil pipe markers, colour coded blue – click here:
  • Acids and alkalis pipe markers, colour coded violet- click here:
  • Air power pipe markers, colour coded orange – click here:

Australian Made

  • ¬†BORE WATER text
  • Green (jade) background/chevrons, white text
  • Packet of 10
  • Made in Australia

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