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Ramp for low profile drum bunds

In Tag: Part Number: DBRLPB

Attach this ramp to any low profile bund / spill pallet in our range for easy and safe trolley access to the bund’s deck

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 122 × 75 × 18.4 cm

Attach this bund ramp to any low profile bund / spill pallet in our range for seamless and easy trolley access


  • Suits all our low profile drum bunds – two, four, six and eight-drum versions
  • Build your own customised bunded floor system by joining low profile units together then adding this ramp for easy access.
  • Bund ramp allows drums to be smoothly wheeled onto bund platform using drum trolleys.
  • Chemical resistant polyethylene construction is resistant to most chemicals, acids and corrosives.
  • Locking clips prevent the ramp from slipping and moving.
  • Added grip stops personnel from tripping or slipping if the surface becomes wet.
  • Bund ramp is supplied with two joining clips that are affixed to the ramp. Ramp is then located next to the bund with clips holding two units together.
  • Manufactured and tested in Australia with a 1000kg UDL (universally distributed load).
  • Strong, robust design


Create your own bunded floor system

Bunded floor systems are ideal for areas where liquids are frequently handled and drips, leaks or spills may occur. Using low profile drum bunds, any configuration can be achieved simply by combining two, four, six or eight-drum spill pallets to suit your available space.


As capacity needs increase, use optional joining clips to firmly lock units together and expand your storage space. Use our sump-to-sump bund connectors to increase the capacity of the bund – and eliminate the need for continuous calculation for each one.


Portable bunding units are designed for secondary and temporary storage. If you are unsure on your storage compliance obligations, check with your local council or regulatory body.


Description Dimensions Code
Ramp for low profile drum bunds 122cm x 75cm x 18.4cm DBRLPB
Joining clips – one pair 10cm x 5cm DBJC
Sump connector for low profile bunds 25mm DBC


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