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Sar-Gel water identifying paste

In Part Number: SC-SG28

Identify water presence in fuel in 30 seconds. Easy to apply, no need to mix.


Sar-Gel water identifying paste provides a fast, reliable way to detect water in tanks containing gasoline, gasoline/ethanol blends (containing up to 15% ethanol), diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, biodiesel, solvents and other water incompatible materials. The white/pink paste turns deep scarlet on contact with water and works especially well in alcohol blend systems.


What is the impact of water contamination in fuel?
The impact of the water contaminating fuel can cause filters to plug and cause serious damage to the engine’s fuel system. When water and fuel are mixed, microbial growth and bio-degradation of fuel can cause fuel injector failure over time. If water is left in the fuel tank, an environment is created for rust and increases the possibility of perforation to the fuel tank.


Advantages of Sar-Gel water identifying paste

  • Easy to apply – no messy jars, no need to mix
  • No guessing – complete colour change from white/pink to deep scarlet
  • Faster reaction – rapid detection means less time wasted
  • Easier to see water line – does not run
  • Fast and easy clean-up
  • No need to purchase different types of water indicating products
  • Works in seconds even in extreme temperature conditions


Water identifying paste Water identifying paste Water identifying paste Water identifying paste
Apply a small amount of Sar-Gel paste to the end of the dip stick Spread the paste over the surface of the stick. Insert the dip stick into the tank for 30 seconds. The presence of water is indicated when the Sar-Gel paste turns deep scarlet.
Product Sar-Gel Water Indicating Paste
Code SC-SG28
Tube size 28.35g
Working time 30 seconds

Please note: not recommended for 20% ethanol content or greater

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