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Vortex Inferno industrial waste burner

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High temperature waste incinerator that enables quick and clean destruction of combustible waste. The unit is designed to be used with oil, absorbents, greasy rags, oil and fuel filters, office waste, food services waste, bags, packing material and non-infectious waste, without polluting the environment.

Weight 106 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 90 cm

This high temperature waste incinerator is an Australian-designed and built unit that will incinerate oil, absorbents, greasy rags, oil and fuel filters, office waste, food services waste, bags, packing material and non-infectious waste without polluting the air.


  • Small and portable industrial waste burner
  • Eliminates transporting hazardous materials
  • Only one person is required to load and operate the unit
  • The unit is 99% smoke, ash and pollution free
  • The Vortex Inferno comes with a three month warranty on parts and labour
  • RCD is standard on all units


The Vortex Inferno high temperature waste incinerator includes a lid assembly designed to interface with a standard 44 gallon drum, mounted on a heavy gauge wheeled trolley framework. The drum is not included.


The powerful fan and innovative application of VORTEX air flow inside the drum turns the burn into an INFERNO that produces clean exhaust and leaves nothing but recoverable metal and ash.


This high temperature waste incinerator can be transported to where the waste is generated, eliminating the cost and environmental impact of collecting and transporting waste for disposal elsewhere.


Easy to use:

The incinerator’s design eliminates smoke and traps fly ash. There is no residue, no half-burned material and no smouldering cake. One hundred percent of the oil-soaked waste is reduced to three percent ash. Oil and fuel filter casings can be safely sent to landfill for disposal.

The Vortex Infernfo industrial waste burner is safe, efficient and convenient – just wheel it back into storage when not in use.


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  • Made from 100% 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Heavily Reinforced Construction.
  • Double Panel Insulated Heat Shield to protect fan and controls.
  • Drum Grate and Air Lance.
  • Butterfly valves for full control of air.
  • Air filter is easily replaced off the shelf.
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) protected.


Suitable waste Non-suitable waste
Oily rags and absorbents
Medical waste (exluding cytotoxic wastes)
Waste oils and greases
Timber (excluding treated wood)
Plastics (exluding PVC)
Drained oil filters
Green wastes (food scraps, etc)
Paper, cardboard, etc.
Chlorinated hydrocarbons
PVC (vinyl) and other chlorinated plastics
Infectious waste or biologically hazardous waste
Radioactive materials
Copper chrome arsenic (CCA) treated timbers
Wastes containing heavy metals such as batteries


Burning of non-infectious hospital waste
When burning non-infectious medical waste in the Vortex Inferno industrial waste burner, extra care must be taken with the loading and spreading of the waste to be burnt.


Standard unit includes:

  • Trolley and vortex hood
  • Drum grate
  • Air lance
  • Ceramic seal
  • Air filter
  • Tension bracket
  • Lighting rod
  • Spark arrestor


Other options:

The standard version of the Vortex Inferno industrial waste burner is supplied without a flue. A flue for the burner is available as an option and we recommend this as a safety precaution, as well as assiting the burn process (see pictures).

Spare parts are available for the burner. We have two different spare parts kits which supply the most common items but each part can be purchased separately. Servicing is available by our factory technicians in our various depots around Australia.

Also available is a PPE pack specially designed for new operators of the Vortex Inferno industrial waste burner. Please ask us for extra details.

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