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Wheelie bin protective covers

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Use these wheelie bin protective covers to protect spill kits when they are are stored outdoors, continually misused or if theft is an issue.

Use a wheelie bin lid cover to protect your spill kits that are stored outdoors, continually misused or if theft is an issue.


Wheelie bin protective covers are designed to prevent spill kits from having items stolen out of them, being used as a rubbish bin on sites and for general weather protection in the outdoors.

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  • Wheelie bin protective covers prevent theft of spill kit contents.
  • Bin lid cover is manufactured as standard in UV-stabilised, high-visibility canvacon.
  • These weather-protected wheelie bin covers are available in yellow, blue, red or black black colours.
  • Wheelie bin covers are quick to apply and remove. Bin lid cover fits tightly over the lid and secures with an easy-use velcro strap.
  • Other covers can be manufactured to specific applications and colours.
  • Wheelie bin covers are ideal to stop your spill kits from becoming rubbish bins
  • Protect your spill kits from the weather and elements.
  • Wheelie bin lid covers are available for standard 120 litre and 240 litre wheelie bins.


A spill kit bin, covers, labels and signage are all examples of spill kit accessories which are readily available to customise your spill response kits on site.


Manufactured in Australia

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