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ZUH zipper umbilical hose sleeve

In Part Number: ZUH

DESMI’s zipper umbilical hose sleeve (ZUH) is a revolutionary approach to the management of hydraulic and discharge hose systems commonly found between skimmers and power packs.

DESMI’s zipper umbilical hose sleeve (ZUH) is a revolutionary approach to the management of hydraulic and discharge hose systems commonly found between skimmers and power packs. The ZUH hose sleeve not only enhances safety when dealing with high pressure hoses, but allows for the inspection and replacement of damaged or aged hoses.


The ZUH is manufactured from a very robust, flexible, heavy weight, abrasion resistant polymer. It has integral sealed foam floatation and a very special and unique zipper system that allows for the opening and closing of the umbilical. The zipper, which runs the length of the umbilical, has high tensile strength but is flexible enough to allow the ZUH to be stored and deployed from traditional hose reel systems. The ZUH hose sleeve can be manufactured in various lengths to accommodate most hose sets including the longer configurations.


The ZUH can be supplied with any number of hydraulic hoses and sizes which are neatly tagged to the inner skin.


DESMI’s zipper umbilical hose sleeve (ZUH) is the new ultimate hose sleeve to protect and organise floating trussed hoses. Furthermore, the hose sleeve has its own build in buoyancy, which makes it an excellent choice in oil spill skimming operations at sea. Usually hose sets (hydraulic and discharge hoses) are tied together and are equipped with separate buoyancy floats which are mounted during deployment. The ZUH will (apart from the improved ease of handling) also increase safety to a new level during handling due to the full encapsulation of trussed high-pressure hoses. The ZUH is a fully enclosed sleeve suited for most commonly used hose sets; 4, 5 or 6-inch discharge hoses and various number of hydraulic hoses, depending on the skimmer type and size.


To facilitate easy repair and cleaning after oil spill, the sleeve has a marine grade mega zipper running at the full length. After undoing the zipper, the hose bundle will lay flat on the ground tied to the sleeve. Then it is easily cleanable with a high pressure cleaner or similar. Should a repair or replacement of a hose be necessary, the damaged hose can easily be replaced/repaired by loosening the internal hose ties of the ZUH sleeve.


The ZUH is made up from heavy grade PU-fabric and all seams are HF welded. The buoyancy material is high quality closed cell foam, which is fully encapsulated in longitudinal welded channels. This provides the necessary buoyancy and secures optimal flexibility over the length of the hose set. The marine grade style zipper is well-proven and have been used successfully in trawl bags and fish cages in the past.


The DESMI ZUH can be delivered in following standard lengths: 20m and 30m. The length of discharge hose sections corresponds with lengths of ZUH sleeve sections – you do not need to roll off the entire ZUH to take out a discharge point.


It is possible to handle ZUH lengths build up to 70m on our hose reel. A range of hydraulic driven hose reels is available for the different length/dimension combinations.



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