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Drum bunds / spill containment pallets

Needing to store drums while you move locations, or if you have won a short-term contract and the site has no permanent bunding, are both common issues. Enter our fleet of different bunded spill containment pallets for hire.

Our most common bunded pallet is the DB4G. Made in Australia from tough polyethylene, it holds 4x 205L drums. The drums can sit directly on the removable grate/deck of the bund or you can place drums on a wooden pallet which in turn is stored on the grate. With convenient forklift channels, this bunded spill pallet is easily moved by hand pallet trolley, walkie stacker or forklift.

Another spill containment bund in the hire fleet is the DB8LP which stores 8x 205L drums on a low profile bund. The bund is only 14cm high which is ideal for standard trolley access with a ramp.

Consideration should be made for the ingress of rain water into the bund sump if stored outside. A cover or keeping the units out of the rain should be planned for. Also it would be prudent to hire or buy spill kits and absorbents in case a spill occurs.

Spill pallets are charged at a rate dependent upon size and the length of hire.

A cleaning and/or a repair charge will be included if items are returned in a poor state.

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