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Silt boom

Silt curtain is ideal for use in dredging, excavation and piling operations or where machinery operates in or around water.

Silt booms trap and contain sediment and silt, preventing it from contaminating other parts of the waterway.

Silt boom is designed to control the settling of silt suspended in water by providing a controlled area of containment.The boom allows water to flow freely, while acting as a barrier against sediments and other materials.

Global silt booms are floating containment barriers with a foam or air buoyancy chamber supporting a deep, permeable skirt. The skirt acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of silt, sediment and fine suspended solids whilst allowing water to still pass through.

  • All fabric joins are stitched with strong webbing to join the geotextile material.
  • Sections can be joined together to form a continuous barrier with lace-up eyelets (budget range) or zip joins and strengthening clips (premium range).

We have a vast range of silt curtain and silt boom available in various sizes.

Silt Boom
Global silt boom 1x1


Silt boom hire rates vary depending on their condition and quality – please talk to us about your requirements.

A cleaning and/or a repair charge will be included if items are returned in a poor state.

Contact a member of our team for more information or visit our Silt Boom product page for full details.

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