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Weir skimmers

If you need to recover oil or diesel  from a pond or sump, then the WEIR5T weir skimmer is perfect for the application. This weir skimmer has the ability to recover up to 5,000 litres an hour.

A mesh screen is also available with the weir skimmers which helps prevent flotsam and jetsam entering the skimmer and blocking the suction hose and affecting the pump.

Weir skimmers can be directly attached to a sucker truck or use a 1″ air diaphragm pump to transfer the skimmed product. This pump and accompanying compressor is also available to hire.


  • Weir skimmer 5T with mesh screen to suit (supplied with 5m of suction and delivery hose)
  • Air diaphragm pump 1″ to suit Weir 5T
  • Air compressor to suit air pump
Wier skimmer
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Our rates are determined by the type of skimmer and duration of the job. Please speak with us to determine the best solution for your situation.

A cleaning and/or a repair charge will be included if items are returned in a poor state.

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