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Sump connector for spill pallets


Sump-to-sump bund connectors are the ideal solution if you need to increase the overall sump capacity of your bunded area.

A sump connector is used to increase the overall sump capacity of joined up spill pallets. Create a bunded work platform to manage larger spills confidently.

Join multiple low profile spill pallets together and form your own custom-sized bunded floor system. The sump connector enables any liquid overflow to travel and spread between the connected spill pallets, capturing a larger volume of liquid safely and securely.


  • Use drum bund connectors to increase the sump capacity when joining low profile spill pallets.
  • Multiple bunded floor systems can be used to safely store gensets, compessors, decanting stations or for larger drum storage areas.
  • It is recommend to use two sump connectors per abutted side for even liquid overflow


Joining strips for low profile spill pallets are also available to create bunded floor systems. Please click here to view.


Made in Australia


Installation instructions:


  1. Locate the two drill point dimples on the outside side walls of each bund, approximately 300mm in from each end and 40mm up from the base). Using a 35mm hole saw, place the drill point in the centre of one of the dimples and drill through the bund wall.
  2. Repeat for the other sidewall dimple.
    Note: The short side of the two-drum bund only has one dimple.
  3. Repeat for the other bund that is to be joined.
    Note: Only drill holes in the walls that are intended to receive the bulkhead fittings.
  4. Place a gasket over the thread of the bulkhead fitting and from the inside of the bund, push the bulkhead fitting through the hole. The fixed hex nut and gasket should be inside the bund .
  5. Push the bulkhead fitting through the hole in the bund that it is to be joined to and place the gasket over the thread. Position the hex nut onto the thread and hand tighten. The hex nut and gasket should be inside the bund.
  6. Repeat for the other hole.
  7. When both fittings are installed, tighten the hex nuts until the bund walls are firmly together. Make sure the gaskets seal but DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

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