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Collapsible bund 8.4m x 4.4m – 12,936L

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Contain up to 12, 936 litres of spilled liquid with this 8.4m x 4.4m collapsible bund.

This 8.4m x 4.4m collapsible spill bund is a convenient, economical and unique snap-out spill containment solution. Collapsible bunds can be quickly erected in an emergency spill situation or used in a portable storage area for drums, tanks, plant and machinery.


  • Use this collapsible spill bund as a decontamination area to capture up to 12, 936 litres of waste or wash water.
  • External batons are already in place. Simply stand the wall up vertically.
  • Collapsible spill bunds are easy to reuse, clean, store and transport.
  • Portable bunds are supplied in a carry bag with a handy velcro opening and strong handles.
  • Set-up instructions are conveniently placed on the outside of the bag in a specially designed see-through pocket.
  • 350mm high walls allow easy access to the bund when using it as a decontamination station.
  • Use weights or peg down the external strip to ensure walls stay erect in windy conditions.
  • Optional anti-abrasion mat (ground protector) and bund internal floor protector are also available to help protect the collapsible bund.


Our collapsible bunds are available in standard duty 900gsm PVC, heavy duty 1350gsm and chemical duty XR5 geomembrane. Select required material from the drop down menu above.


Standard duty (900gsm PVC)

Our standard duty range made of high quality 900gsm PVC. The material provides strength, durability and an adequate chemical resistance for most applications.


Heavy duty (1350gsm PVC)

This is a thicker heavy duty PVC offering the next level of strength with containment involving oil, diesel and most chemicals. Also offers an increased longevity and durability for outdoor or use in harsher conditions.


Chemical duty XR5 Geomembrane

Our chemical duty range is the highest level of chemical resistant geomembrane available. It is made to protect against and contain acids, oils, methane and alkalis. XR5 geomebrane is UV, abrasion, chemical and flame resistant and has an excellent outdoor service life.


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Made in Australia


Description Dimensions Code
Collapsible bund – standard duty 900gsm 840cm x 440cm x 35cm SCCB8.4×4.4-SD
Collapsible bund – heavy duty 1350gsm 840cm x 440cm x 35cm SCCB8.4×4.4-SD
Collapsible bund – chemical duty XR5 840cm x 440cm x 35cm SCCB8.4×4.4-SD

Made in Australia

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