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Two drum containment bund – cover

In Part Number: N/A

Use this twin drum bund cover to protect your drum and bund from debris or rainwater ingress.

This drum bund cover (spill pallet cover) has been designed to prevent rainwater ingress into the bund when storing drums outdoors. This in turn reduces the likelihood of any spilled liquid overflowing the bund.


  • Use with two-drum spill pallets (DB2G) – designed to fit over 2x 205L drums stored on a spill pallet
  • Drum bund covers prevent rainwater from building up in a sump, thus reducing the containment volume within a bund.
  • This DB2G drum bund cover is manufactured as standard in durable yet flexible yellow canvacon.
  • Drum bund covers can be customised to suit different shaped drums/containers
  • Optional anti-static covers are available in all sizes


Framed covers are also available – these include an internal metal frame which the canvacon fabric sits over, so the cover itself does not touch the drums or contents below. For more information on our framed covers, contact a member of our friendly team.


Why is this important?

If your bund sump fills with rainwater (or any other kind of debris) and then one of your containers leaks, the capacity of the sump becomes severely compromised. It’s widely regarded as best practice that a bund should include a sump capacity of at least 110% of the largest container stored on it to be deemed compliant.


Made in Australia

Description Code
Soft cover for two-drum bund – DB2G COVS-DB2G
Anti-static cover for two-drum bund – DB2G COVA-DB2G
Framed cover for two-drum bund – DB2G COVF-DB2G

Made in Australia

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