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Portable gravity fed eyewash system – 34L


The portable gravity fed eyewash is used to flush hazardous chemicals and irritants from the eyes and face. This self-contained unit is ideal for locations that have limited or no plumbed water.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 37.6 × 55.5 × 25.5 cm

The portable gravity fed eyewash is used to flush hazardous substances and irritants from the eyes and face.

This self-contained unit is ideal for remote locations or sites that have limited or no plumbed water.


Portable gravity fed eyewash features:

  • Lightweight, compact and portable gravity fed system.
  • 34.1 litre (9 gallon) capacity.
  • Made from high-density polyethylene.
  • Provides a full 15 minutes of continuous flushing fluid at 1.5 litres per minute.
  • High visibility yellow fold-down arm that activates the flow, leaving hands free to hold eyelids open for an effective flush.
  • Includes wall mounting bracket.
  • Manufactured to meet Australian Standard AS4775-2007.
  • Moulded handle for easy handling and installation.
  • The arm folds up to protect spray outlets from dust, grime and damage when not in use.
  • Wide fill opening with threaded cap enables easy inspection, cleaning and filling.
  • Includes an inspection label on the cap to record inspection dates.
  • The eyewash unit should be installed in an area easily accessible by all personnel and free from obstructions. The unit should be clearly identified with emergency signage.
  • Each unit is supplied with a 250mL bottle of bacteriostatic preservative to help prevent bacterial growth in the tank.
  • Detailed directions for use, installation and maintenance, including how to fill with bacteriostatic preservative are included on the eyewash instruction card.


Why is a portable eyewash so important?

Chemicals in the eye cause serious damage within 1-5 seconds. Washing that has commenced within a few seconds can minimise eye damage.

Access to a portable eyewash on remote sites can provide uninterrupted eye washing for 15 minutes, which is critical in reducing the risk of significant eye damage before medical attention is available.


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Description Size Code
Spill Crew portable gravity fed eyewash tank 34L capacity SCSS-EG34




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