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Toxic substances storage cabinet 60L


Store up to 60 litres in this Class 6 toxic substances storage cabinet 60L.

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 59.5 × 47.5 × 100.5 cm

This toxic substances storage cabinet 60L has been designed to safely accommodate up to 60 litres of Class 6 toxic substances and to capture and prevent any accidental spills.

Toxic substances storage cabinet 60L feature:

  • Double wall construction with 40mm thermal barrier
  • Vent ports with integral flash arrestors fitted on each side
  • A self-closing door fitted with adjustable hydraulic door closure
  • Flush mount handle with key lock
  • One adjustable shelf plus fixed base shelf
  • Internal spill containment bund with suspended perforated floor
  • Durable powder coated finish for added protection
  • Grounding connector to enable earthing if required
  • Adjustable screw-in feet allow the cabinet to be elevated to minimise corrosion or for leveling on uneven surfaces.
  • Appropriate safety and warning signage fitted in accordance with Australian Standards
  • All toxic substances cabinets are supplied with a loose DANGER PESTICIDE STORAGE label if the cabinet is to store pesticides.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

Promote good house-keeping practices by storing all toxic substances together and away from non-compatible products.


Each toxic substances storage cabinet 60L has been designed to comply with Australian Standard AS4452.


Class 6 – toxic substances AS/NZS 4452-1997: ‘The storage and handling of toxic substances’.

Substances liable either to cause death or serious injury or to harm human health if swallowed or inhaled or by skin contact.


Safety storage cabinets for dangerous goods are important for keeping your workplace safe. Our range of chemical safety cabinets, flammable storage cabinets, flammable safety cabinets, toxic / poison storage cabinets, pesticide safety cabinets and gas cylinder cages are the ideal storage devices for your workplace.

Code Dimension (W x D x H) Capacity Doors Shelves
SCIRT60 595mm x 475mm x 1005mm 60 Litre 1 2


  • Colour: White
  • All cabinets comply with Australian Standard AS4452-1997
  • Self closing door
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Integral vents with flash arrestors
  • Integral spill containment sump
  • Durable powder-coat finish
  • Strong adjustable shelving that allows free air movement
  • Appropriate warnings and safety signage, prominently located Earth grounding point

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