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Underground tape – danger buried communications main below

In Part Number: N/A

This white underground warning tape is easy to identify and features DANGER BURIED COMMUNICATIONS MAIN BELOW printed in a bold, black font.

Underground tape is used to alert contractors or workers that buried reclaimed commination mains are located in the area they are digging. The tape is buried above underground services to provide a visual warning when excavating.


This white polyethylene tape is easy to identify and has the printed text DANGER BURIED COMMUNICATIONS MAIN BELOW in bold, black font repeated along the entire length of tape.


  • Enables easy identification and location of pipes and cables beneath the ground
  • This tape has been manufactured to meet AS 2648.1:1995
  • The white colour of this detectable tape is easy to see
  • Detectable and non-detectable versions available – choose either a underground tape with or without a stainless steel detectable feature from the drop down menu above
  • Features a stainless steel tracer wire which is laid in a sinusoidal wave pattern
  • This tracer tape is laminated between two layers for durability
  • Use in conjunction with cable avoidance tools to detect the position and location of non-metallic pipes and unenergised cables.
  • Global Spill & Safety stocks a wide range of underground tape variations including water, firefighting main tape, reclaimed water main tape, sewer main tape , gas main tape, electrical cable tape.


This white tape with bold black text is ideal for securing potentially hazardous underground channels.


Global Spill & Safety also stock a wide range of pipe markers which help identify the contents of underground pipes. To view our full range please click here.  

  • Detectable version includes stainless steel tracer wire in sinusoidal wave pattern
  • Manufactured to meet AS 2648.1:1995
  • Highly visible white colour
  • Detectable: 250m x 100mm
  • Non-detectable: 500m x 150mm

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